# Player Journey

Published 2023-11-16

# Player Journey

In building a game integrated with the Conductive.ai platform, understanding the player journey is paramount to achieving a user-centric design that not only entertains but also retains. The following overview of the player journey was crafted to give you, the developer, a meticulous grasp of the paths your users will navigate, helping you shape a gaming experience that is intuitive, rewarding, and deeply engaging.

The player journey illuminates the critical touchpoints where players interact with the various features and rewards incorporated through the Conductive.ai platform. From the initial moments of game interaction, where users install and set up the game, to their engagement with Catalyst Rewards, and finally to understanding and managing transactions within the Conductive.ai ecosystem — every stage should be smooth, straightforward, and coupled with clear guidance.

As developers, you are bestowed with the task of creating a pathway that ensures users not only comprehend the mechanisms at play, including earning and redeeming rewards, but also trust in the security and efficiency of the transaction processes involved. The goal is to foster a gaming landscape where users can immerse themselves in a rich gaming experience, with clear pathways to earn and utilize rewards, all backed by a transparent and secure system.

Here’s an overview of the player journey when a gaming platform integrates Conductive Catalyst SDK:

Let’s walk through the key facets of the player journey to aid in your endeavor of crafting a gaming environment where every player feels valued, engaged, and secure in their interactions and transactions facilitated through the Conductive.ai platform.

# 1. Game Interaction

Getting started with the game (installing and setting up)

Users who have already downloaded your game don’t need to do anything else. The Conductive Catalyst SDK will be integrated directly into your game.

Understanding the reward system (how to earn and redeem rewards)

An integral part of the Conductive.ai gaming experience is the reward system. Users are given a clear understanding of how they can earn and redeem rewards through easy-to-understand guides and in-game prompts (designed by the developer).

This empowers users to strategize and make the most out of their gaming experience, with a rich rewards system that is both engaging and rewarding. By mastering the rewards dynamics, users can enhance their gaming journey to new, exciting levels.

# 2. Engagement with Catalyst Rewards

Engaging with leaderboards and contests

Leaderboards and contests are central features in Conductive.ai, allowing players to measure their skills and achievements against others in the gaming community. These platforms are designed for easy engagement, offering a simple and direct way for users to track their standings and participate in various competitions, fostering healthy competition and community engagement.

Players will be able to view their rank on the leaderboard for the active contest at any time by clicking on the Conductive.ai button. Players will be able to see the active contest as well as the total quantity of stablecoin rewards they have earned.

Earning rewards through various actions in the game

Players can earn rewards through a diverse range of actions within the game, a feature that keeps the gaming environment engaging and dynamic. This multifaceted rewards system is built to be intuitive, encouraging players to explore different avenues of earning rewards as they enjoy their gaming experience, adding a layer of incentive to the gameplay.

Stablecoins were chosen for the following reasons:

  • Pegged 1:1 to a fiat currency, often the US dollar
  • Listed on all cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The most efficient remittance instrument
  • Directly spendable (online purchases, POS)

# 3. Blockchain Interactions

Understanding withdrawal thresholds and how to off-ramp assets to an external wallet

It is essential for players to understand the specific thresholds set for withdrawals in the Conductive.ai environment. This involves learning how to efficiently transfer their in-game assets to an external wallet, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to manage their earnings securely and successfully.

Being informed about transaction statuses

Conductive.ai provides players with real-time updates on the status of their transactions through notifications or in-game messages. This system ensures that players are always in the loop regarding their asset transfers, providing an additional layer of transparency and trust in the gaming environment. In addition, from the webview after clicking the Conductive Button, players will be able to view their entire transaction history (each withdrawal made since playing the game).

Managing transactions and understanding gas fees in the Conductive.ai ecosystem

When a player chooses to withdraw assets to their personal Web3 wallet, the developer will pay the gas fees for the associated transaction. This will come from the developer’s Master Wallet.