# Catalyst Account Setup

Published 2023-11-16

Let’s delve deeper into each aspect of creating a rewarding gaming environment that is exhilarating for your users.

# Account Setup

Registration on the Conductive.ai platform

Registering on the Conductive.ai platform is your first step towards leveraging a toolkit designed to boost player lifetime value (LTV) and retention. Developers will find straightforward options to sign up, with guidance at each step ensuring a hassle-free registration process. Once registered, developers gain access to a suite of features aimed at incentivizing player engagement through stablecoin rewards.

Project setup and API key retrieval

To initiate your project setup, visit https://app.conductive.ai and log in to obtain your unique API key for integrating Conductive.ai’s toolkit into your system. Do this by clicking the settings icon at the bottom and selecting “Settings”:

This should take you to the project settings below. Copy your API key provided for your project:

The API key acts as a secure bridge between your project and the Conductive.ai platform, facilitating secure data transfers and authorizing access to various functionalities. Safeguard your API key as it is essential to maintain the security and smooth operation of your services on the platform.

Defining the organization and understanding user roles (Admin/Client/Developer)

Understanding the different user roles — Admin, Client, and Developer — is important for managing and navigating the Conductive.ai platform.

  • The Admin oversees the organizational settings and manages user roles, ensuring that operations run seamlessly.
  • The Client role is generally reserved for individuals or entities making use of the services, having privileges to set up and manage projects under the guidance of an Admin.
  • The Developer role is targeted towards individuals responsible for the technical integration and maintenance of projects, having the authority to access and manage API settings and other technical resources.

Defining each role clearly can streamline operations and foster a collaborative, efficient working environment.

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