# Glossary

Published 2023-08-02

The following is a non-exhaustive list of technical terms used by Conductive.ai that may be referenced throughout this document.

Term Definition
User A client user references a client user of the game or application
Admin / Client / Developer The developer account within Conductive.ai’s Catalyst platform
Person An identified User that is verified
Organization A company or group with one or more Projects
Conductive Core Conductive.ai’s core Web2 and Web3 platform upon which Catalyst sits
Catalyst The rewards application and SDK that is built on top of the Conductive Core platform
Project A single application or game which has a unique API key
Transaction An on-chain valid transaction on an EVM compatible chain
Chain A test or production blockchain network
Withdrawal threshold The minimum balance of a currency or token a User must have before off-ramping their assets
Withdrawal The action of off-ramping a Catalyst game asset to an external wallet
Contest A reward pool a User may be eligible for based on requirements
Leaderboard An arbitrary ordinal rank of a user based on a game developer’s requirements
Reward A Web2 or Web3 reward which incentivizes a user to perform a given action
Reward Group 1 or more qualifying conditions that make a User eligible for a Reward
External Wallet An address / account controlled by a User has outside of Conductive.ai’s platform
Reward Expiration A developer may set an expiry for the Rewards offered to Users to motivate actions
External User ID The developer’s identifier for a User, enables Conductive.ai to sync identities
Token An arbitrary Web3 asset on a given test or production blockchain network
Reward Transaction A type of transaction related to a Reward, not to be confused with Withdrawal
Service A supporting major service within Conductive.ai’s core platform
Microservice A smaller supporting service, typically at the application level, but not the core level of Conductive.ai’s platorm
SDK A client for the Catalyst platform
Client A consumer of a service
Balance The accummulation of a Reward earned by a User
Gas The units of a native blockchain token required to successfully complete an on-chain transaction
Gas Fee The cost per unit of gas required to successfully complete an on-chain transaction; also called the gas price
Fingerprint An indentifier used to represent a “real” User (a Person)
Consumer A pub-sub consumer
Producer A pub-sub event creator
Catalyst Event An async or synchronous event related to the Catalyst application